Dr. Nancy Aagenes, Founder-Retired

Dr. Nancy Aagenes received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 1989. She came home to Montana and began practice, retiring in December 2013.  Dr. Roush joined her practice at the Natural Medicine Clinic in 2008.  Together in 2010 they rebranded and founded Natural Medicine Plus.

“After years of care for Montana women it was important to me to leave my patients in capable hands,” said Dr. Aagenes.  “I am comfortable with and confident about Dr. Roush’s ability and temperament.  His kind soft manner is perfect for my patients.  I get reports all the time about how pleased my patients are.  It is especially significant that Dr. Roush has repeatedly done advanced training at the Women’s Institute of Health and Integrative Medicine in Portland.  This is the same place I trained and indicates his commitment to care for women.”

“If you haven’t seen him already, go see him at least once,” she added.  “My bet is you will want to stay with his care.” 

Dr. Aagenes was President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and served as a director of the AANP for 10 years.  She also served on the licensing board for Montana naturopathic physicians.  At Natural Medicine Plus she initiated the commitment to and development of a residency program to teach young doctors.  Dr. Roush continues with that commitment too.

“Now it’s all about our grandson,” she smiles.  “I miss talking to patients, to annual visits with women I was with for many years.  Being Nana tho, trumps all of that.  I’m happy being retired.”