Natural Medicine Plus
Natural Medicine Plus

Insurance and Policies

Helpful information about doing business at the clinic:

Clinic Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday

Clinic Phones: We return calls promptly. We welcome calls from anyone who has questions about their health circumstance. We will tell you when an appointment is necessary and will refer you immediately if another provider can better serve your need.

Payment Policy: We expect payment at the time of visit. We offer credit for our personal services and time, but usually not for the things we have to pay for—pharmacy and lab for example. If you need it, we will make an arrangement to help you.

Fees are discounted 10% for patients 65 and older.

Cancellation and/or Reschedueling Policy: We need 24-hours' notice for cancellation and/or rescheduling. We charge a $75 fee for no shows and for late cancellations. We are generous about emergencies.

The Goal: For established patients we suggest a one hour visit each year. Our patients say this visit helps keep them well. Its worth is in prevention and vitality. We review symptoms, establish goals and treatment plans for the year, including supplements and prescriptions. As needed, we schedule necessary laboratory work and diagnostic imaging. For women this includes pelvic exams, paps, breast exam, mammogram orders etc.

Insurance: We accept limited insurance assignment and will file a claim with your insurance company. We keep our financial relationship directly with the patient. We help you with insurance in any way we are able.

We encourage you to call your insurance company directly to find out if your plan covers naturopathic services. We do not determine if your insurance provides coverage for you.

COMING SOON:Natural Medicine Plus is working toward in-network status with most insurance providers. Call us to see if yours applies.

HEALTHY MONTANA KIDS: also known as CHIP For information regarding CHIP eligibility go to

MONTANA CANCER CONTROL PROGRAM: If you cannot afford an annual gynecological exam, mammogram, pap smear, and/or colonoscopy, contact the clinic for information about obtaining a voucher that will pay us to give you this service. Please call the clinic if you have questions about your own eligibility. Find eligibility criteria for the Montana Cancer Control Program at

MEDICAIRE AND MEDICAID: Unfortunately these programs do not cover Naturopathic providers.