What We Do

We offer the best of naturopathic primary care to women and their families.  

Natural Medice Plus

Diagnose, treat and prevent illness. We do routine wellness exams for women, men and children. These include pap smears, breast exams, all routine gynecological care, newborn exams and pediatric wellness visits.

We treat the individual not just the symptom. While you may come with an established diagnosis, your treatment will be specific for you, not your disease.

We listen and we teach. Fully understanding your problem is essential to proper diagnosis and treatment. We also teach you about your condition so you are a more active participant in your healthcare decisions.

We use an array of naturopathic therapies: We help you make healthy lifestyle choices, promote the efficacious use of supplements, hormone therapies, botanical medicines, and homeopathy. We are the experts in blending conventional and natural medicines to best benefit the patient.

We order conventional lab testing and imaging. As needed we order from other labs and other conventional diagnostic tests like mammograms, bone density tests, CT scans, MRI etc.

We also use labs unique to naturopathic medicine. We utilize tools such as comprehensive nutritional, hormone, allergy and stool analysis to help us better understand the cause of your problem.

We communicate with and sometimes refer to practitioners outside our clinics to ensure the highest quality care for each patient. Our role as primary care practitioners is to insure you are receiving the best level of care possible. Therefore, we have established trusting relationships with other practitioners, both conventional and alternative, with whom we communicate with as needed.