Natural Medicine Plus
Natural Medicine Plus
  • We diagnose, treat and
    prevent illness.

    We do routine wellness exam for women, men and
    children. These include pap smears, breast exams,
    all routine gynecological care, newborn exams and
    pediatric wellness visits.

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  • We treat the individual
    not just the symptom.

    While you may come with an established
    diagnosis, your treatment will be specific for
    you, not your disease.

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  • We listen and we teach.

    Fully understanding your problem is essential to
    proper diagnosis and treatment. We also teach
    you about your condition so you are more active
    participant in your healthcare decisions.

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  • We use an array of
    naturopathic therapies

    We help you make healthy lifestyle choices,
    promote the efficacious use of supplements,
    hormone therapies, botanical medicines,
    and homeopathy.

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  • We offer the best of
    naturopathic and conventional
    care under one roof.

    We are a primary care naturopathic clinic operating
    with a conventional urgent care in overlapping spaces.
    Providers from both clinics cooperate in your care as
    needed, and as you choose.

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  • We are a medical home
    for women.

    We do physical exams, pelvic exams and pap
    smears, breast exams and mammograms.
    Our experience is that naturopathic medicine
    offers the most hope in many chronic conditions.

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  • We are experts in bioidentical
    hormone perscribing and
    perimenopasal issues.

    Our doctors are experienced and educated in these
    areas, and we share decades of experience in prescribing
    hormones from all sources for hundreds of individuals.

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Our mission is healthy medicine.

  • First to listen and to understand your symptoms and immediate needs
  • To teach about diagnosis
  • To explore your options for wellness and for treatment
  • To share our resources and networks of referral
  • To provide you with information that helps you make informed decisions in keeping with your needs, values, goals and priorities

Natural Medicine Plus is a primary care naturopathic clinic in Helena, Montana, whose goal is to put the patient first. The question that drives our interaction with you is “What does this patient need right now?” Answering this question allows us to assess your immediate and long term health and wellness goals. Our patients have confidence because we combine the most contemporary naturopathic medical educations with the best of naturopathic primary care.


Naturopathic Medicine
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Children’s Health
Hormone Therapy
Pain Management
IV Therapies
Lyme Disease Treatment
Specialized Lab Tests

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